At Ethos Partners we provide high net worth (‘HNW’) investors and family offices with an opportunity to ‘partner’, alongside our principals, on a discretionary deal-by-deal basis in direct lower mid-market private equity investments into established, profitable UK businesses.

Our business model ensures direct alignment between our investors and our principals, who commit a minimum of £250k to each investment.

Our investors are sophisticated, HNW professional individuals and family offices. All our investors have an understanding of direct private investments; typically garnered from running their own private business, the investment management industry or other City roles.

According to independent research*, Ethos’ target investment segment, lower mid-market private equity, has consistently outperformed both comparable listed asset classes (18.3% p.a. vs. 7.5% p.a.) as well as other sub-segments of the private equity landscape.

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“We have spent over 25 years understanding specialist investment into smaller buyouts and growth capital. We believe that due to the weight of capital flows that this is the most attractive space within a private equity asset class that has consistently outperformed for the last 20 years. We have deep experience which we believe allows us to identify and manage more of the risks and to work with management teams to enhance growth and positioning for exit. We have out-performed in the past and it is our belief in our ability to continue to do so that has encouraged us to set up a private office to invest our own money into these deals and to invite high net worth investors who understand the smaller private business space to join us on an aligned basis”

Brian Phillips, Principal & Chairman

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* BVCA Private Equity and Venture Capital Performance Measurement Survey 2019, Industry Performance. Accurate as at the date of publication.